Multiple World Premieres with Flow-on Accomplishments

Limited Edition Art Coins

in Precious Metals and Certified Argyle Mine Pink Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamond, Art Coins

Davson has many World First accomplishments for an artist. Identified after the fact or once a project is well underway, she just does things differently. In the book, Davson ~ Art with Love and Gratitude, are more than a dozen of her World Premieres. There is no comparable artist in any country. Most artists are more than content if they have an identifiable style. To Davson, that is just the beginning.

She is exceptional for any artist. For a female artist living far away from the world art capitals in a country town in regional Australia, Davson is completely extraordinary.

This is the first time an acclaimed fine artist has created limited-edition art as a coin in precious metals beset with certified Argyle Mine Pink Diamonds. (Commemorative and other coins, some with uncertified diamonds, are designed by talented graphic artists across the globe.)

Unearthed is a first for Davson and collectors.

‘Unearthed’ Limited Edition …

Celebrating Forty Years of Rare and Valuable Davson Art and Argyle Mine Pink Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamond, Art Coins

Rare diamonds and quality art are natural companions for Fortieth Anniversary celebrations.

In 1979, Sharon Davson created her first jig-saw puzzle art, establishing the beginnings of the rarest high valued art by a living female artist in the world. (Four decades later, she has completed less than 120 career paintings.)

In 1979, diamonds were discovered in northern Western Australia, leading to the establishment of the Argyle Mine which gives the world its rarest, brightest and most valuable pink diamonds.

Davson brings these two desired loves of rare art and rare pink diamonds together in one work of art titled ‘Unearthed’.

‘Unearthed’ is a limited edition of 288 art coins made from Australian precious metals, pure silver and 18 carat Gold. The coins are minted in Australia, each coin hand engraved with its serial number and embellished with four fancy intense purplish pink diamonds (5PP in Colour, VVS in Clarity); Certified Argyle Pink Diamonds.

A solid platinum coin with an art variation and five tender stone Argyle Pink Diamonds will be available to collectors in 2021.



Davson’s ‘Unearthed’ limited edition is being procured for collections across the world. 

In Newcastle, NSW Australia, THREE ‘Unearthed’ prototype coins have entered the Museum Collection.

The Director of the Newcastle Museum, Julie Baird, accepted a gift of three proto-type Unearthed coins for the museum collection, from the artist Sharon Davson and diamond expert Craig Leonard on 3rd March 2020.

This Unearthed gift is part of a broader collection of Davson items being assembled for the Newcastle Museum Collection.  All items pertain to the artist’s life and to her contribution to the Greater Hunter Region in recent decades. 

This is progressively unfolding process.

Unearthed - Art Coins
Unearthed - Art Coins
Unearthed - Art Coins
Unearthed - Art Coins

The three coins in the Newcastle Museum Collection include the FIRST pressing of a solid silver coin.  This coin was immediately rejected as it did not have the required surface depths and dimensions.

The SECOND coin is at a more advanced stage in the development process.  This coin still has its outer ‘wagon wheel’ moulding attached demonstrating the individual, hand pouring production process.  In finished coins, this outer section would be polished off leaving only the coin.  The excess silver then melted down for use in other coins.  This solid silver coin was too light in gram weight.

The next pressing produced the THIRD gifted coin.  It is the ONLY Un-Numbered coin to be set with Certified Argyle Mine Pink Diamonds.  All other 288 Solid Silver coins with diamonds are part of the hand-numbered ‘Unearthed’ edition. 

This is the coin that Davson used to show others what her unique limited edition looked like.  This included Prime Minister Scott Morrison, other dignitaries and media representatives; as well as being illustrated in two books, Davson ~ Art With Love and Gratitude and Davson ~ Art with Others.



In the planning stages is a multi-year exhibition tour of art by Davson.  It features art she created with other people, and it includes an Unearthed numbered coin.

Helping with preparations, and hosting the First Preview Exhibition, is the Millicent Gallery in South Australia.

Millicent Gallery Director, Janice Nitschke said,

“It’s always a pleasure to exhibit art by Sharon.  We are fortunate  to have over 20 works on paper by her in our regional gallery collection.

“When I heard she was considering bringing together many of the art works she had created in association with other people, we just had to be part of it.  Our ‘Davson ~ Art with Others’ exhibition opens 3rd May 2020.  Having ‘Unearthed’ included in the show is very special.  We will look after this precious limited edition coin; as I am sure will other exhibition venues.   

davson art with others

A Second Preview Exhibition is planned for 2022 in her Queensland hometown of Gatton.  ‘Davson ~ Art with Others’ will be on exhibition in the Cultural Centre where the Lockyer Valley Regional Council have an art gallery dedicated to her work, the Davson Gallery.  The main tour will commence in 2023.  We look forward to progressing the exhibition planning both in Australia and elsewhere, including in North and South America and in Asia.”  

Unearthed in its Solid Silver and Solid Platinum variations totals over $4m in limited edition art.

Unearthed has been applauded as a fabulous entry level for new collector investors in Davson Art or Argyle Mine Pink Diamonds; and a ‘must have’ for all current collectors. Especially as this is Davson’s first art work with those pink diamonds.

Among the things I find fascinating about Davson, is that to date she has only completed about 120 paintings in her forty-year professional career. That makes paintings by her among the rarest in the world for such a renowned artist. (Most artists of her stature have produced many times that number.)

Rare art, precious metals, rare diamonds…. Legendary stuff.

You would probably have to go back to Leonardo Da Vinci to find a renowned artist with fewer actual finished paintings and of high value. Perfect artist for creating a rare high valued coin with rare pink diamonds. Davson never ceases to amaze.”

Scott Brown

Valuation Professionals, Sydney NSW

Argyle Pink Diamond, Art Coins

Rare Art Releases Platinum Performance …

Scott Brown attended the combined unveiling for Davson’s Limited Edition Platinum Art Coin and the latest Bespoke Platinum Lotus 410. Davson has had an association with high performance car racing for several decades, including with such great Lotus and Formula One World Champion Drivers such as Emmerson Fittapaldi and Mario Andretti.

“It was the perfect duo event of Platinums. Thank you Lotus. I will endeavour to let Mario and Emmerson know about the event. I am sure they would smile.” (Davson said)

Argyle Pink Diamond, Art Coins
Argyle Pink Diamond, Art Coins