Invest in your future with Australian art

Argyle Pink Diamond, Art Coins

An Argyle Art Coin is first and foremost a work of art that you can treasure and keep in your family for generations. After a year in development, this work of art is spectacular. It immediately conveys unique creativity, authentic Australian stories, landscapes and history.

From deep within Australian earth came the precious metals of the ‘artist’s canvas’ to be forged and finished for you by Australian master jewellers. These masters skilfully set rare jewels from the Argyle Diamond Mine, the only diamond mine in Australia or elsewhere, to produce truly vivid and valuable pink diamonds.

Argyle Art Coins brings you authentic Davson art that will captivate and inspire your imagination, as well as enhance desired investment portfolios.

Authentic Australian Art

Imbued with Meaning

Sharon Davson (featured right with Australian Prime Minister, the Honourable Scott Morrison) is a leading spiritual and environmental artist whose paintings sell for high values. The originality and passion that Davson brings to her art has uplifting natural beauty. With history woven into her Unearthed edition, it makes for a remarkable and unique Australian experience.

Highly Valued

The historic moment and the founding story of the pink diamond discovery at Lake Argyle is celebrated with the first Argyle Art Coin designed by Sharon Davson. This limited edition release is of just 288 art coins in Pure Silver and 18 carat Rose Gold and inset with four, 5PP Fancy Intense Purplish Pink, VS1 Clarity, Certified Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Each treasured art coin design has been produced in Australia using intensely pink Argyle diamonds that were from Certified Argyle Diamond Mine tender lots.


Each original work of art by Davson is carefully documented and authenticated.

In an art world plagued by forgeries and paintings not worked on by the artist, and with existing forgeries and international thefts of her art; this is a necessary reassurance for collectors of art by Davson.

Confident in its authenticity, secure your own part of an historic moment. The closure of the world’s greatest pink diamond mine is imminent; stake your claim with a work of art by Davson.

'Unearthed', art history is made.

In the words of renowned Australian artist, Sharon Davson;

“Creating limited editions of this type with Certified Argyle Mine Pink Diamonds, has been a unique experience. I loved the story of how prospectors found the diamonds on top of Ant Hills in the Kimberly Ranges of Western Australia in 1979. The ants may have found them too harsh to have in their homes, yet they are perfect in ours!”

Home - Pink Diamond

With Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine preparing to close, time is running out to secure your pink diamond investment. However, in these closing months, the rarity and value of pink diamonds are sure to rise, making now the perfect time to invest.

The story of the Argyle pink diamond is almost as captivating as the rare gem itself. Across the breadth of 1.6 billion years, on a journey from the Earth’s centre, the most intriguing diamond in history emerges, with an exquisite beauty that is both regal and mesmerizing. The Argyle diamond’s spectacular outback origin can be seen in this marvel that depicts every shade of the desert sunset, from a cherry blossom pink, a soft rose, an alluring violet to a dramatic red.

Never before has there been such a unique opportunity to purchase an original work of art by an internationally acclaimed Australian artist combining precious metals and Argyle pink diamonds. The Argyle Art Coins are spectacular!

Rare Art Releases Platinum Performance …

What an awesome occasion. Two very rare Platinum masterpieces together.

Argyle Pink Diamond, Art Coins

Scott Brown of Independent Gemmological Laboratory attended the combined Platinum unveiling with Davson’s limited edition art coin and the latest bespoke Lotus Platinum 410. Davson has had an association with high performance car racing for several decades, including with such great Lotus and Formula One World Champion Drivers such as Emmerson Fittapaldi and Mario Andretti.

“It was the perfect duo event of Platinums. Thank you Lotus. I will endeavour to let Mario and Emmerson know about the event. I am sure they would smile.” (Davson said)

The immediate response and enormous success of Unearthed, has guaranteed a repeat performance, creating further treasures for centuries to come.

Argyle Pink Diamond, Art Coins
Argyle Pink Diamond, Art Coins
Argyle Pink Diamond, Art Coins

Argyle Pink Diamonds are Forever

The first Argyle Art Coin features Sharon Davson’s uniquely Australian artistic vision.

Davson’s latest art – displayed on valuable coins – features the story of the Argyle mine [including the ants] and some of her iconic imagery, such as jigsaw puzzle pieces.

The 288 hand-numbered limited edition Unearthed Solid Silver Coins, trimmed in Rose Gold and set with four Certified Argyle Pink Diamonds, are selling for $7,000 each – approximately $2 million overall.

In 2020 the first coins were made available for public viewing in Newcastle NSW.

The Argyle Mine, operating since 1983, has yielded more than 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds. The outback origin of Argyle Diamonds is reflected in every shade of the desert sunset, from cherry blossom pink, soft rose and alluring violet to dramatic red.

The rarity of Davson’s art reflects the rarity of the pink diamonds and makes both a target for investors. Experts suggest the key for best value is getting the right advice to select diamonds of sufficient beauty, vibrancy, rarity and size.

Argyle Pink Diamond, Art Coins

Art by Davson is rare as her life has had many pressures limiting her output to less than 120 finished paintings in her 40-year art career; and yes, she is a fan of diamonds.

“A well-cut, good quality diamond will sparkle through everything. Sometimes when I am feeling low, wearing something that’s beautiful and sparkles with value makes a difference.

I look at it; and give thanks to the great wonder of all in creation, including the amazing things created under great pressure. Knowing diamonds are pure carbon, the chemical element fundamental to life, uplifts my spirit and helps me maintain gratitude, confidence and sparkle in the face of obstacles.”